What do you get?

Homeflic wegrow is a tribe of people from across the world coming together with one thing in mind: To grow and let grow! Coming together on one platform we laugh together; we learn together we explore together. WeGrow is a platform where people showcase their talents, discuss issues, talk about trending topics, and build a network stronger than any bond.

We wish to give voice to unuttered words, unvowed relations and unexpressed feelings while abolishing undeclared rules and unstated directives. We are an inclusive tribe and we welcome all of you!!!

Wegrow Champs and masters are two programmes under Homeflic Wegrow designed especially for school students

  • Wegrow Champs: for classes III to VI
  • WeGrow Masters: for classes VII TO IX

These courses will lay strong foundation in their character and make them learn different skills so that they become future ready with a full holistic development.

These sessions are specially designed so that they don’t become any sort of barrier in their school time table and they learn new things without any pressure. In these programmes they will learn all types of skills from hard skills to soft skills, enhance our creative sides, make ourselves ready to face the professional world by learning from various courses and bring out the orator in ourselves giving voice to what the Gen Z feels!


Our sole purpose is to provide holistic development to learners which due to cumbersome school routine they are not able to get. With WeGrow not only their skill sets will enhance but they will find new areas and fields to learn, prosper and grow.
Our main purpose is, not only do they achieve academic excellence but also, they are much ahead of their times in terms of understanding and thinking level.

Join the coolest tribe, be a tribester!
With our cool tribe passes unlock the path of learning and skills development mixed with a fun experience they will never forget!

With a small investment of just INR 1099 /- 6 months you are not only making your child of a growing young community but has also assured that your child will never lag in any sphere of his life.

After being a tribester they will avail the following perks:

  • Direct access to the coolest tribe of the country so that they can avail all the courses and discounts available.
  • Proper expert career guidance and expert supervision so that they make right decisions regarding their future.
  • 240 knowledgeable sessions by experts over any year on dynamic and relevant topic that will help them in decision making and skill enhancement.
  • Monday motivation sessions each week with case studies from highly influential people of their fields.
  • Enhancement of Speaking and Listening skills so as to make them future ready to face the world on their own
  • Debates, extempore and many such events to bring out the orator in them, break stage fright and boost self confidence
  • Soft skills sessions covering every topic like: personality development, decision making skills, leadership qualities and Hard skills like: graphic designing, basic of accountancy and various other valuable skills.
  • Giving exposure to all sorts of industries out there so that they can choose what they want to be by knowing pros and cons of every field
  • Group discussions on topical issues so as to keep them up-to-date and also enhance their speaking and analytical skills
  • Premium access tour telegram group for all competition and career related guidance
  • Creativity sessions and competitions across the nation by providing them a nationwide platform to showcase their talents and chances to win exciting prizes.
  • Access to Junior parties (one free in every host city), alternative gaming nights and Open mics to recreate them along with enhancement of their public s and trips
  • Junior trips to unknown destinations with experts and guides to not only make these excursions fun but also enriching and learning.

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